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At Central Coast Landscape Products, we're proud to offer a diverse range of landscaping solutions that transform outdoor spaces into stunning, vibrant environments. Whether you're looking for the convenience of artificial turf or the natural beauty of sod, we have the perfect options to suit your needs.

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Southwestern Sod is a beautiful, soft olive bi-color artificial lawn product. This product is designed to mimic natural grasses in the southwestern states. It is made from a premier stem yarn – that provides excellent memory without sacrificing the comfort that comes with a very soft polyethylene fiber. This grass is designed for medium traffic artificial lawn applications. It would make for a beautiful front yard or back yard! This product has a face weight of 61 oz per sq yard.

Bluegrass Supreme is one of the tallest, lushest and most durable artificial grass products on the market today. The C-shaped blades give off low amounts of sheen and feel comfortable to the touch – not too soft, not too firm. Bluegrass Supreme is manufactured with a combination of field and olive green tones to create stunning depth of color. Due to its tall pile height, coming in at 2.4 inches tall, Bluegrass Supreme is best for installations with low to moderate foot traffic.

While Arizona Pro is slightly shorter than its family members, coming in at 1.7 inches tall, it delivers the same attractive blade profile with added Cool Yarn technology. Arizona Pro is a customer-favorite because of its durable construction, premium look, and cost-effective value. Perfect for backyards or front yards with kids and pets, commercial installations, as well as between pavers.

The Arizona Platinum – Olive artificial grass has slim multicolored blades at a two-inch pile height. Its olive bi-color with a green and tan thatch produces a style that is complementary to natural sod from the Southwest. Not too soft and not too firm, Arizona Platinum – Olive is best for applications with low to moderate foot traffic – but can still perform for high traffic areas with the right amount of infill applied.

Our Most Popular Artificial Turf Varieties

Our Most Popular Natural Sod



Our best selling sod! Enduro Dwarf Tall Fescue is a mix of 90% Tall Fescue and 10% Kentucky Bluegrass which has been certified by TWCA for above average drought tolerance for 30% lower water usage compared to other Tall Fescue varieties making it an exceptional product. Has a high resistance to summer heat and high tolerance to Brown Patch, Pythium and many other common summer diseases. Also has an Excellent dark green year around color. 

Shipping Standards

       ROLL SIZE:                      BIG ROLL:                           SOIL THICKNESS:                        COVERAGE AREA:                          WEIGHT:

       24”x54” = 9 sq. ft             48” x 125’ = 500 sq. ft.        5/8 inch. (approx.)                       504 sq. ft. per pallet (approx.)       2500 pounds (approx.)


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