Volumetric Truck

We are proud to announce that we can now batch high quality concrete for your projects.

Our ready-mix concrete truck can pour up to 8 cubic yards. We have fiber-reinforced options as well as color. Call the office to ask about the benefits of volumetric concrete trucks.




This is our barrel U-cart. It is just like a concrete truck on a trailer you can haul anywhere. 

The barrel u-cart spins as you tow it to your job so that the aggregate does not settle to the bottom. This will hold up to 1.25 cubic yards of concrete. You can also choose sack mix and aggregate size. 




U-carts are a great way to get a small amount of concrete to your jobsite without mixing bags.

Our classic tub style u-carts hold 1 cubic yard of concrete that you can tow to your job. Choose from a 3/8" aggregate or a 3/4" and also your sack mix. 


Concrete Accessories

We carry an assortment of concrete supplies, everything you need for a pour from start to finish.

Keep in mind Central Coast Landscape Products has tie-wire, dobies, rebar, and everything else you need for a concrete job. Get all your materials in one place!