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Concrete Services

We are proud to announce that we can now batch high quality concrete for your projects. For larger needs our truck-based volumetric mixer can batch at your jobsite.

Volumetric Truck

With our ready mix truck you can adjust the concrete as needed, as it doesn't start mixing until it arrives.

  • Only pay for what you use - no waste and no short-load fees.

  • Our ready-mix concrete truck can pour up to 8 cubic yards.

  • We have fiber-reinforced options as well as color.

Barrel U-cart

This is our barrel U-cart. It is just like a concrete truck on a trailer you can haul anywhere. 

  • The barrel u-cart spins as you tow it to your job so that the rock does not settle to the bottom.

  • This will hold up to 1.25 cubic yards of concrete.

  • Choose from a 3/8" aggregate or a 3/4" and your sack mix.


Classic U-cart

U-carts are a great way to get a small amount of concrete to your jobsite without mixing bags.

  • Our classic tub style u-carts hold 1 cubic yard of concrete that you can tow to your job.

  • Choose from a 3/8" aggregate or a 3/4" and your sack mix.

Concrete Accessories

We carry an assortment of concrete supplies, everything you need for a pour from start to finish.

  • Keep in mind Central Coast Landscape Products has tie-wire, dobies, rebar, and everything else you need for a concrete job. Get all your materials in one place!


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